Training Series (Year 4)

Communication is at the heart of the quality of life. To lose the ability to hear through abuse is unnecessary!!!!!

1.  What are the major causes of noise induced hearing loss?

Loud music and gunfire. Knowing this, you can realize the importance of taking this program home with you. Please consider the types of recreational noises you are exposed to and protect yourself.

2.  How will I know if the noise I am exposed to is hazardous to my hearing?

Here are two rules of thumb; Anytime background noise keeps you from understanding normal conversation from three feet away or your ears ring after leaving a noisy environment.

3.  How does loud noise cause irreversible damage?

Loud noises aggravate thousands of tiny hair cells in the inner ear, much like hitting your thumb with a framing hammer. The first time, with a recovery period your thumb will likely heal. However, continuous mishaps with that hammer and your thumb will become a nub! The same is true with the hair cells, loud noises without protection will eventually cause them to die, reducing your ability to hear.

4.  If I start to lose my hearing will I notice it right away?

Probably not, it happens gradually and in the higher frequencies. By the time you notice it, permanent damage has already occurred.

5.  Are there any other effects of loud noises other than with my hearing?

Some other effects that can be associated with loud noises are 1. Antisocial behavior, 2. Stress, 3. Fatigue, and 4. High blood pressure. These effects of noise are mediated by the auditory system, meaning you must hear the noise for the adverse effects to occur. Properly fitted hearing protection will reduce the possibility of these effects just the way it does with hearing loss.

6.  If I am required to wear hearing protection, what is the best type for me to wear?

HPD’s come as earplugs, semi-aural devices or earmuffs.  Each type has its own noise reduction rating (NRR). The NRR is how much noise those protectors will effectively attenuate when worn properly.