Training Series (Year 1)

1.  80% of the noise induced hearing losses in America are caused by two (2) things: gunfire and loud music. In the Midwest, you can add farm implements because there are so many part-time farmers here.

2.  Knowing this, you can realize the importance of taking this program home with you. You need to consider the types of recreational noises you are exposed to and protect yourself.

3.  The chances of you having a noise induced hearing loss at this facility are slim because you are provided with hearing protection devices, hearing conservation training and annual testing.

4.  Some of the things you need to protect your hearing from are:

a.    motorcycles and other off-road recreational vehicles,
b.    lawnmowers, chainsaws and other gas powered tools,
c.    concerts, loud car stereos, home stereos and personal portable stereos,
d.    firearms, ALL types,
e.    farm implements.

This list can go on and on. These are just a few to give you an idea of what kind of noise levels to protect your hearing in.

5.  There are two rules of thumb for hearing conservation. If you follow them you should have adequate protection:

a.    if, after leaving a noisy area, your ears are ringing, buzzing or things sound muffled, you should have worn a hearing protection device in that area,

b.    if, while in a noisy area, someone standing three feet from you needs to raise their voice at all in order for you to understand them, you need to be wearing a hearing protection device.


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