Training Outline

I. Introduction, attention statement and participation encouragement.

II. Go over the objectives of the program & how to effectively achieve that goal.

III. Countering the effects of noise, the benefits of a hearing conservation program.

IV. Explain the 3 phases of a hearing conservation program:

a) training
b) hearing evaluation
c) record keeping

V. Explain the anatomy of the ear (overlays).

VI. Explain auditory & non-auditory effects of noise:

a) auditory (irreversible hearing loss)
b) non-auditory (stressor), degraded job performance, high blood pressure and anti-social behavior.

VII. Discuss and demonstrate effective methods of HPD’S, proper use and care, advantages and disadvantages how to wear them properly, and how important it is to take the program home with them (overlay).

VIII. Explain the testing procedures, and how important it is to keep the testing area quiet for best test results.

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