Problem Report

The Problem Report includes up to five categories describing the current hearing thresholds of your employees.

These results are grouped separately, according to category.

The heading for each category of hearing loss includes a definition/description.

Any documentation you can provide to OHCS is very helpful to the Audiologist.

Any documentation you can obtain for a baseline test with either a CAT II or III, should be included on the individual hearing test for the employee. This is supportive documentation for your program.

Notification letters for employees listed in the problem report (excluding baseline hearing tests) are included with this report.

Letters for CAT V. a Standard Threshold Shift, are mandatory and must be signed within 21 working days of the date of the report.

If you have an employee with a change in hearing threshold that is loggable on the OSHA Log 200, we will inform you. You will have six {6} days from the date of the report to enter the record on Log 200. You may retest this employee, and the retest may change the results, but you must still log the information. If there is a change, then you may line through the log entry.

Dr. Jerry R. Teel has been the Audiologist for Hearing Conservation Services since the founding of the company. He is available to explain and answer any of your questions. He is also available to respond to any inquiries from OSHA representatives.


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