IMTS - The Company

From our regional offices, Industrial Mobile Testing Services (IMTS) is a nationwide deliverer of quality, mobile testing services.  In an industry that was created by, and is driven by the hearing conservation amendment OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95 - IMTS is synonymous with quality.  CFR 1910.95 describes minimum requirements.  Successful programs always go beyond the minimum standards.

At IMTS, education of the employer about hearing and pulmonary function is as important as the required training of the employee.  We strive to administer hearing conservation and/or respiratory programs that are easy to understand and apply, that relieve the ES&H manager of the normal burdens associated with the required compliance and operational responsibilities.

As a leading provider of these testing, compliance and preventative programs, give us a call, to discuss how IMTS can assist you and your organization.

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